Marine Asset Management.

Marine Asset Management.

Platform Life Cycle Management assures the seaworthiness of a vessel.

A&P Australia helps clients to look at the bigger picture and plan for the future – by identifying the strategic objectives of a ship and matching its full life-cycle asset management requirements to enhance the ongoing availability of the vessel.

Asset Management

Effective Asset Management will ensure a ship is always already and available. By aligning the upkeep and maintenance of a ship with its deployment requirements, A&P will ensure it is ready and available to be called upon at all times.

Our unique cradle to grave approach includes rigorous planning, focussing on a vessel’s procurement requirements, supply support requirements, Capability Engineering Upgrades, and obsolescence planning which are then supported by robust budget forecasts.

Looking at the total cost of operating the ship over the lifetime of the ship reduces the total cost of ownership.

Asset Performance & Optimisation

A&P Australia works with customers to review the performance of a vessel to ensure it is meeting the character of the ship.

We will analyse all data relating to the ship, including its performance analysis, vibration analysis, defence analysis to identify what areas of the ship are working well and what areas are not performing well.

By introducing new efficiencies such as changes to a vessels paint regime, reducing fuel costs, significant savings can be made adding value to the Royal Australian fleet.

Sustainment Planning / Integrated Logistical Planning

A&P Australia has a proven track record in predicting the ongoing maintenance of a vessel by developing comprehensive five year plans, which will boost efficiency and reduce downtime of each ship.

Comprehensive pre-planning enables our team to schedule works, procure equipment and communicate with nominated sub-contractors well ahead of time to minimise refit periods.

Configuration Management

From design to disposal, A&P Australia provides comprehensive Configuration Management services to establish and maintain consistency of a system’s performance, function and certification. By maintaining the Configuration Base, A&P will underpin the smooth running of a vessel.

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