About A&P Australia.

About Us.

Atlantic & Peninsula Australia is part of APCL Group, which brings together A&P Group, Cammell Laird, A&P Australia and Neway.

A&P Group’s support to HMAS Choules predated her sale to the Royal Australian Navy in December 2011, when the United Kingdom based A&P Group had maintained Choules, (formally known as RFA Largs Bay) and her three sister ships since their entry into service in the mid-2000s.

A&P Australia specialises in providing project management and technical services to Australia's Sovereign Maritime and Naval Capabilities for Defence and the wider marine industry.

Best known for providing outstanding in-service support for the Bay Class Landing Ship Dock, HMAS Choules since 2011.

The company has expanded its presence significantly since its incorporation and has delivered the largest and most intensive ship repair project to take place in Australia in the last 15 years.

Building on our global ship repair and shipbuilding heritage, A&P Australia has become an intellectual leader in the management and execution of marine engineering, design and ship repair projects.

Our staff have an expansive range of experience and capabilities stemming from multiple industry sectors across defence, commercial maritime, oil and gas, mining and other land based heavy industry.

Over 12-years we have developed a loyal and integral supply chain of over 250 Australian suppliers as well as reach back to our comprehensive UK and European supply chain chains.

Our goal is to provide access to our knowledge and capabilities and deliver outcomes at the best possible value to our clients.

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