Logistics Support.

Technical Procurement.

A&P Australia specialise in spare parts, material and equipment procurement for the marine industry with an extensive network of Australian, European and international parts suppliers.

Our supply chain can provide parts and equipment for all marine systems and machinery and includes the major OEM’s down to specialist vendors as well as distributors for off the shelf items, generic parts, consumables and materials.

Our goal is to meet your needs, be it the exact OEM part, short lead times or low-cost solutions for materials and consumables, our procurement team supported by our experienced technical and project teams will work to find what you need.

Our team are adeptly proficient in the use of Military Logistics Information Systems including MILIS. We integrate and operate within the defence ecosystem and can be utilised to supplement and bolster capacity where required.

Our expertise, know-how and know-who allows us to operate efficiently to identify and source items and provide an end to end procurement and logistics service from point of supply to point of demand.

Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics

Whether supporting operational assets or provisioning for major projects, our logistics systems can cater for any eventuality and ensure that parts, equipment and materials are where they need to be, when they are needed and in the right format and condition.

We are experienced in supporting high profile operational assets in all environments and integrating with military logistics services.

We understand that it is not just the right part in the right place at the right time but delivered in a way that simplifies the receipt to installation phase of the journey. This may include additional site equipment or itemised packing of installation and maintenance kits.

Our warehousing, freight and logistics partners span multiple industries across the globe providing A&P with all of the resources necessary for us to satisfy any situation.

Our services are proactive and tailored to meet the needs of our customers, status reporting and tracking updates are key to ensure project and operations managers can plan and prepare for the receipt of items and equipment for seamless integration to schedule.

Spares & Inventory Management

Encompassing our asset management experience and capabilities A&P can provide more integrated logistics support services offering total end to end logistics for operational assets, including:

  • Support system definition, development and implementation
  • Usage and consumption analysis for spares determination
  • Spares holdings and contingency planning
  • Material list development
  • Procurement frameworks
  • Inventory management
  • Receipt, issue and returns controls

Out team has over 100 combined years if procurement and logistics experience, 80 of these in Military Logistics and supply support functions.

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