Through Life Support

Atlantic & Peninsula Australia integrates its team of marine professionals effectively into your organisation to deliver long term, asset and risk focused solutions, to optimise capability.

Needs Requirement

Upkeep and interpretation of Maintenance Management Systems, records, statutory, class, and customer technical regulatory requirements, to effectively predict needs, and plan for action.


Atlantic & Peninsula works with our customers to develop long term budget plans and manage annual expenditure. This is possible by the detailed planning of discrete maintenance tasks, and life cycle modelling data to ensure the necessary resources are available when scheduled and unplanned events occur.


Detailed scheduling and advanced planning integrated with customer and operational requirements to ensure the most effective use of time and resources to maximise productive output.

Delivery and Execution

Hands on, pro-active, and flexible delivery of complex projects with stakeholder interaction a key focus.


Providing quality assurance through detailed recording keeping and requirements for Objective Evidence collection of task completion, material, process and equipment certification, qualifications and standards. All reports and kept and scrutinised for recommendations and improvements.

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